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The #1 Important Mistake to Avoid...

= Not Having Professional Representation can cost you $10,000's plus!

Example 1: Client X had pursued a workers compensation case through the courts and after the stress and the expense of her time she had a settlement that would allow her 49% of her base pay before she was injured and unable to work.  She felt she wasn't given a fair shake though and hired Advocates for Injured Workers, within the next two months we were able to increase her renumeration pay from 49% to 70%! This amounted in a life time earnings of over $30,000!

Example 2: Client XY has an ailment called mortons neuroma which limits his ability to walk.  After he was wrongfully fired he opened a workers compensation case with his insurance company.  The Insurance company offered Mr. XY a settlement of $50,000 which Mr. XY was going to gladly accept after going through so much stress he was happy to end up with anything at all.  Luckily a family member of Mr. XY had reffered him to Advocates for Injured Workers and after having approval to represent Mr. XY we renegotiated a settlement offer of $150,000! That's a $100,000 increase!

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